Carbon dynamics of representative ecosystems in nortwestern Peruvian Amazon

This project is interested in understanding the effect of soil, topography, weather and watershed position on the carbon cycle in Amazonian forests. We are currently setting up permanent intensive carbon cycling plots to monitor carbon stock and fluxes in three sites across North West Amazonia. We aim to establish a Peruvian Amazonian network linked to RAINFOR-GEM and other institutions, which will generate valuable data for improving our knowledge on the role of forests in global change mitigation. This study will also allow us to provide data on reference levels for Ecosystem Services projects developed locally and at the national level. Finally, we are investing in capacity development of Peruvian researchers keen to work in this field.

Where are we working?

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Photos and images

Uploaded 26 Mar 2014 by Jhon del Aguila Pasquel. Copyright © 2022.


Some pictures of Carla Staver's fieldwork at Allpahuayo plots. She is studying tree functional traits as predictors of fire reaction in Amazonian forests. She is using Allpahuayo forest data (as a control for Eastern Amazonian forests (Manaus, Acre, Mato Grosso, Santarem y Roraima).

Pictures show the procedure for extracting and measuring a sample of bark.


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