The Bobiri Forest Reserve contains semi-deciduous forest. It is an experimental forest managed by the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana with areas of forest under different management treatments. The reserve was created in 1939 and measures just over 50 square kilometres.

The Bobiri site has six one hectare plots located in a semi deciduous forest. Two of the plots are located in 50 year logged forest (Plot 1 & 2), two plots within concessions that are due to be logged later in 2012 (Plots 3 & 4) and two plots in 10-20 year logged forest (Plots 5 & 6). Note that current plot coordinates are approximate and will be updated soon.

Location: Kumasi, close to Fumesua. Approximately 6 hours by bus or 1 hour by plane from Accra.

Access to Plots: Take the road Kumasi-Accra road from Fumesua (FORIG headquarters) and turn at the village of Kubease. From Kubease, follow the signs to the Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary. Approximately 1 hr by car.

Nearest airport: Kumasi or Accra.

Accommodation: See field station

Money: Most places do not accept credit cards.

ATM is available in main cities (Accra, Takoradi, Kumasi) and is usually ok with VISA or MasterCards. You can find places to change money in main cities and will accept UK Pounds, EUR, US dollars.

Communication: Buy your SIM cards there. The cell phone fee to make calls and to use Internet is cheap and cell signal is usually very good through out the country.

Where are we working?

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Photos and images

Uploaded 22 Jan 2015 by Sam Moore. Copyright © 2023.

A few snaps from our recent soil sampling campaigns in Ghana and Gabon late last year (2014). Nutrient samples were collected from cores and bulk density samples from soil pits at regular depth intervals down to 2 meters. All samples are now either in transit, or in the Leeds University soil labs for analysis, following the Rainfor standard protocols which will enable pan-tropical comparisons. Detailed soil profiles were also taken from each soil pit, of which we had 2 at each of our 3 field sites in Ghana and 3 field sites in Gabon. A huge thank you to both the Ghana and Gabon field teams for all the hard work!

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