ECOFOR: Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in degraded and recovering Amazonian and Atlantic Forests.

The ECOFOR project established the first intensive network of long-term monitoring sites along a gradient from intact to severely altered forests in the Brazilian Amazon, and significantly enhanced the existing network of modified and intact sites in the Atlantic Forest. ECOFOR is installing a series of GEM sites for long-term intensive carbon monitoring and multiple traits campaigns in four types of forest along a disturbance gradient, considering the two predominant degradation processes, selective logging and fires. The GEM plots will be established in two plots set: Biota program plots in the Serra do Mar State Park, South-eastern Brazilian Atlantic Forest; and Santarém-Belterra region, Amazonian Forest.

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A few photos of ECOFOR's field sites and team. The project is now up and running. More from us to come soon.


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    Erika Berenguer

    I am interested in the resilience of tropical forests in human-modified landscapes. Specifically, I investigate how human disturbances, such as selective logging and wildfires, impact carbon stocks in the Amazon.

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    Jos Barlow

    I'm interested in understanding how human activities influence the value of tropical forests for species conservation, ecosystem functioning and the livelihoods of local people.