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    At Peruvian Amazon Research Institute, we are planning to set four plots up for monitoring below-ground and above-ground NPP. In one of these plots, the organic layer has 10 -12cm-depth, hence my question is: shall we give a special treatment for the mineral and organic layer in the ingrowthcores sampling? I think we should avoid mixing these layers, if we dont want to interrupt the soil natural cycle. What do you think about it?

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    I had to come back Peru two weeks ago when we had almost finished to set 2 plots up at Ducke Reserve. Karina Melgaço, Hellen Santana and Erick Oblitas students of Flavia Costa and Beto Quesada will complete the instalation of 10 plots. It is going to be a hard job but they will be able to do it! I have attached more pictures of the fieldwork...

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