• Wytham WoodsEuropean Forests Wytham

    This week a team from ETH Zurich (Chris Kettle, Chue Poh) and the company Research Drones are visiting our GEM research site at Wytham Woods, near Oxford. They are demonstrating new lightweight drone (or UAV) technology that enables collection of airborne imagery and movies. The whole set-up costs less than 3000 pounds, make it very affordable for remote GEM sites. The challenge is to see how usable the imagery is afterwards, and this is what I am keen to find out both in the field, and afterwards when we process the data.
    The technology is certainly impressive, though there is a clear sense of a work in progress, almost a hobbyist activity, to get the most out of it.
    More details at researchdrones.com

    Thumb_2013-06-18_14.11.59 Thumb_2013-06-18_14.11.59 Thumb_2013-06-18_13.15.51 Thumb_2013-06-18_13.02.23
  • Yadvinder MalhiDennis del Castillo TorresCE-01Carbon dynamics of representative ecosystems in nortwestern Peruvian Amazon

    More pictures of the fieldwork in Tarapoto, Peru.

    Thumb_dsc00168 Thumb_dsc00459 Thumb_dsc00460 Thumb_dsc00591 Thumb_dsc00598 Thumb_dsc00599 Thumb_dsc00721 Thumb_dsc00723 Thumb_dsc01230 Thumb_dsc01372 Thumb_dsc01392 Thumb_dsc01396 Thumb_dsc01422 Thumb_dsc01439_-_copia Thumb_dsc01442_-_copia Thumb_dsc01443_-_copia Thumb_dsc01446_-_copia Thumb_dsc01449_-_copia Thumb_dsc01451_-_copia Thumb_dsc01458_-_copia Thumb_dsc01464_-_copia Thumb_dsc01470_-_copia Thumb_dsc01473_-_copia Thumb_dsc01474_-_copia Thumb_dsc01480 Thumb_dsc01481 Thumb_dsc01524 Thumb_dsc01679
  • /people/cgabriel-hidalgoYadvinder MalhiDennis del Castillo TorresCE-01Carbon dynamics of representative ecosystems in nortwestern Peruvian Amazon

    During the months of March-May, a team of Peruvian Amazon Research Institute (IIAP) and San Martin National University, leaded by Jhon del Aguila and Gabriel Hidalgo has set up a permanent sample plot at Cerro Escalera, Tarapoto, Peru.
    In this plot with GEM support, we are monitoring carbon stocks, below-ground, above-ground NPP and GPP, CUE and CO2 efflux. For that reason we already made the floristic inventory and installed the following experiments: ingrowthcores, rhizotrones, litterfall traps, respiration tubes, coarse wood transects.
    In the next months we are going to finish the installation of this plot and other four ones in three differrent regions of Peruvian Amazon.

    Thumb_dsc00004 Thumb_dsc00029 Thumb_dsc00034 Thumb_dsc00043 Thumb_dsc00046 Thumb_dsc00051 Thumb_dsc00064 Thumb_dsc00074 Thumb_dsc00117 Thumb_dsc00120 Thumb_dsc00128 Thumb_dsc00135 Thumb_dsc00139 Thumb_dsc00145 Thumb_dsc00146 Thumb_dsc00147 Thumb_dsc00148 Thumb_dsc00149 Thumb_dsc00150 Thumb_dsc00151 Thumb_dsc00152 Thumb_dsc00156 Thumb_dsc00159 Thumb_dsc00163 Thumb_dsc00165
  • Cécile Girardin

    Dear Cecile,
    I have sent you pictures, I am afraid I couldn't find the best! you will choose among them! Thanks much. I would like to attend the conference but I do not have much to present before the deadline!

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    News Flash:
    You can now respond to discussion threads on GEM. Please comment directly on discussions you are interested in (click on ''Add a comment''), or start your own discussion (just post a normal comment and anyone you send it to can respond).

    You can respond to my call for root scans now ;-)

  • Terhi RiuttaMartha CrockattImma OliverasSam MooreChristopher DoughtyBrigitte NyirambangutseWalter Huaraca HuascoKho Lip KhoonNorma salinas

    GEM poster

    Hi, please find a draft GEM poster for the ATBC meeting in June. I would be grateful if you could send me your comments by 1st June, so that we can address them in due time.
    Ideally, I would like a photo of each lead researcher on each project. Terhi- I now have a beautiful photo of you at the top of the flux tower. Khoon, Brigitte, Norma, Imma, Chris & Martha- I need photos of you in the field (ideally collecting data). We should take a group photo of the Oxford team next time everyone is here together.


    • Thumb_cg_profile_photo
      Over 8 years ago

      Just a reminder: does anyone have any comments on this poster? It is going to Costa Rica next week!
      All the best, Cécile

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    Would you like to get involved in a global investigation of root growth characteristics?

    Following a recent paper on root productivity and root growth characteristics published on the Andean elevation transect (Girardin et al., in press), I would like to propose a global GEM study on root growth characteristics. This would investigate the patterns of root growth characteristics (i.e. root length, area, specific root length and area), and Root Area Index (RAI) across all GEM plots.

    Data gathering & analysis:
    Data gathering is quite simple. You just need to scan the roots from 4 Ingrowth Cores (IC) per plot each time you collect the roots. Once the roots are washed (as described in the RAINFOR-GEM manual, p 32), scan them before oven drying them. You can take individual scans of each of the 4 bags collected per IC. Please ensure each scan is labelled with Plot/IC/date/time interval (10-40 min). Please let me know if you if you would need help getting a scanner in your field site.
    That’s it. If you could start scanning, I will prepare an R routine to analyse the data and post it on here.

    Results & discussion:
    Once the scans are analysed using an R routine, we will obtain data on root length growth, root diameter and estimate root surface area growth. We will use this discussion forum to get your insights from all corners of the world. This will help you place your results in the global context.

    Please respond to this new discussion thread if you would like to get involved.

    Et voilà!

    • Thumb_cg_profile_photo
      Almost 8 years ago

      Dear Roots team,

      I have invited most of you to a dropbox folder that will hold all the data, references, analysis and paper writing for the Global roots paper. Please let me know if you have not received a dropbox invitation, but would like to get involved in this study.

      Thank you,

    • Thumb_cg_profile_photo
      Over 8 years ago

      Fantastic job on this! The African and Andean teams have started scanning roots on 16 ICs per plot. Let us know how it goes and which challenges you encounter, so that we can fine tune the methodology as we go along. John's team in lowland Amazonia and Brigitte's team in Rwanda are also interested in getting involved, they would appreciate your insights.
      All the best,

    • Thumb_photo0133
      Over 8 years ago

      Hi Cecile,

      My team is interested in this. We are planning to do this in Jenaro Herrera and Allpahuayo plots. Could we help us in getting a scanner?
      In other hand, I've read a discussion about the need of using new holes for the ingrowthcores. Could you give me a detailed description of this change in the metodology?



    • Thumb_sam_0693
      Over 8 years ago

      Hey Cecile - Our African colleagues and I are super keen to get involved with this! I am in the process of instigating the regular scanning of roots from 4 IC's each collection interval - our scans should soon start to filter through - watch this space!

  • Understanding the carbon cycle of Andean ForestsCarbon dynamics from Andes to Amazon

    Here are sketch maps of 4 permanent plots from ANDES ZONE in PERU,
    Trocha Unión 4 (TU4)
    Acjanaco (ACJ)
    Wayqecha (WAY)
    Esperanza (ESP)

    • Thumb_malhi_pic_forest
      Over 8 years ago

      Thanks Beisit, these are great.
      Cecile - it would be nice to add these to the core data descriptions of each plot

  • Cécile Girardin

    Hello again,
    I am wondering which material do you use to make in-growth cores? any suggestion on their market? thanks much

    • Thumb_cg_profile_photo
      Over 8 years ago

      Dear Brigitte,

      To set up Ingrowth cores, you will need:
      - a post-hole digger;
      - plastic mesh for ingrowth cores (mesh size 1.5 x 1.5 cm, 1 m wide x 6 m long per 1 ha plot, see p 36 of manual);
      - a waterproof soil moisture sensor with 20 cm probe length;
      - a waterproof T-shaped soil thermometer with 20 cm probe length;
      - a waterproof hanging balance;
      - a fine (normal kitchen) plastic sieve;
      - a large sieve.

      Please do not hesitate to ask more questions as you set up.
      We can have a skype meeting on this if you feel it would help?

      I expect it will take some time to gather all the data for the global root growth characteristics paper, so if you start your ingrowth core installation, you are very welcome to get involved.

      All the best,

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    You may find this useful. A good quality screenshot of the GEM map: http://is.gd/Kp7dzO

  • Carbon dynamics from Andes to Amazon

    Dear Yadvinder and Team

    Photos of our last campaign at Pantiacolla ( last mountain of the Andes). Now we're ready to measure all plots every month, from tree line to Amazon forest (eight plots).
    Many thanks to all the guys have been working hard with us at the field and to rest of the team.

    All the best


    Thumb_dsc03273 Thumb_dsc03274 Thumb_dsc03397 Thumb_dsc03401 Thumb_dsc03402 Thumb_dsc03411 Thumb_dsc03438 Thumb_dsc03445 Thumb_img_8129 Thumb_img_8131 Thumb_img_8132 Thumb_img_8139 Thumb_img_8141 Thumb_img_8147 Thumb_img_8155 Thumb_img_8157 Thumb_img_8162 Thumb_img_8166 Thumb_img_8171 Thumb_img_8174 Thumb_img_8184 Thumb_img_8188 Thumb_img_8204 Thumb_img_8210 Thumb_img_8217 Thumb_img_8221 Thumb_img_8235 Thumb_img_8236 Thumb_img_8245 Thumb_img_8247 Thumb_img_8252 Thumb_img_8257 Thumb_img_8260 Thumb_img_8262 Thumb_img_8274 Thumb_img_8277 Thumb_img_8278 Thumb_img_8280 Thumb_img_8285 Thumb_img_8302 Thumb_img_8307 Thumb_img_8314 Thumb_img_8316 Thumb_img_8328 Thumb_img_8330 Thumb_img_8344 Thumb_img_8345 Thumb_img_8367 Thumb_img_8389 Thumb_img_8409 Thumb_img_8422 Thumb_img_8423 Thumb_img_8436 Thumb_img_8441 Thumb_img_8444 Thumb_img_8446 Thumb_img_8447 Thumb_img_8448 Thumb_img_8452 Thumb_img_8453 Thumb_img_8460 Thumb_img_8476 Thumb_img_8498 Thumb_img_8508 Thumb_img_8509 Thumb_img_8523 Thumb_img_8530 Thumb_img_8534 Thumb_img_8537 Thumb_img_8539 Thumb_img_8540 Thumb_img_8541 Thumb_img_8542 Thumb_img_8550 Thumb_img_8559 Thumb_img_8577 Thumb_img_8578 Thumb_img_8588 Thumb_img_8696 Thumb_judith_7973 Thumb_judith_7981 Thumb_judith_7988 Thumb_judith_7989 Thumb_judith_7992 Thumb_judith_8003 Thumb_judith_8004 Thumb_judith_8011 Thumb_judith_8022 Thumb_judith_8030 Thumb_judith_8031 Thumb_judith_8089 Thumb_judith_8454 Thumb_judith_8455 Thumb_judith_8457 Thumb_judith_8478 Thumb_judith_8480 Thumb_judith_8510 Thumb_judith_8511 Thumb_judith_8512 Thumb_judith_8694 Thumb_rudi_dsc_5530 Thumb_rudi_dsc_5579 Thumb_rudi_dsc_5599 Thumb_rudi_dsc_5876 Thumb_rudi_dsc_5886
  • Terhi RiuttaYadvinder MalhiChristopher DoughtySam MooreBen Hur Marimon JuniorBrigitte NyirambangutseWalter Huaraca HuascoNorma salinas

    Dear team,

    I am compiling information for a poster on GEM. Could you please send me a photo of you and your team? Deadline: Wednesday. Do not worry if you do not have time, I am currently featuring these projects:
    -Andes to Amazon transect
    -Lowland Amazon: drought & fire experiments
    -Gabon rainfall gradient
    -Nyungwe forest elevation gradient
    -SAFE disturbance gradient

    I am focussing on sites that are up and running. If you would really like to see another project featured, please let me know. [did you know: you can send direct messages through GEM by only adding ''+person'' and un-ticking the ''public'' box at the top right of this text box]

  • Andes to Amazon transect

    Oxford University are making a film video on the Andes to Amazon transect. Would anyone have nice visual things to use in the film such as beautiful scans of roots, leaf photos and leaf scans, fisheye lens shots? All would need to be your copyright. I have a few things, but anything you find particularly beautiful would be very welcome. Please post them to the project or directly to me. Merci! Cc

  • Wytham WoodsEuropean Forests Wytham

    Very nice video of the GEM work going on in Wytham:

  • Ben Hur Marimon Junior

    Thank you Ben Hur! I just was wondering if I needed to use a specific equation (from a Manual) to get some raw values from the Hydrosense measurements. My other concern is about the correct way to build the calibration curve, since I already have the measurements that you mentioned!


  • Rocio Urrutia Jalabert

    Dear Rocio,
    To calibrate the Hydrosense: 1) measure the moisture with the probe and remove in the same place, at the same time, 2-3 moist samples, protect against drying and weigh; 2) drying the samples in an oven at 110 º C until constant weight and weigh again; 3) calculate the soil moisture based on wet and dry weights, 4) repeat the operation once or twice until to obtain two different measures of soil moisture, 5) build a calibration curve with the results and always use it to fix the values ​​obtained by Hydrosense. Repeat all steps for each soil type.

  • Understanding the carbon cycle of Andean ForestsCarbon dynamics from Andes to AmazonRAINFOR Intensive sitesSoil respiration

    Dear All

    Would anyone have a spreadsheet that shows how to calibrate the soil water content measured with the Hydrosense? I have taken the required measurements in the lab (weights and water contents of a determined volume of soil), and I just want to be sure about the calculations that I have to do.

    Thanks a lot!
    Have a good weekend!

  • Carbon dynamics from Andes to AmazonUnderstanding the carbon cycle of Andean ForestsFitzroya forests in Chile

    Dear All

    An update from the Chilean project!
    We collected tree-ring cores in both study sites (Alerce Costero and Alerce Andino) this summer to determine woody productivity. Samples are being processed at the moment to get the annual tree growth.
    We also just measured photosynthesis and respiration in Alerces and other species in both study areas. Finally, we just installed new ingrowth cores in both study sites, since the old ones are not working fine anymore. The soil is very wet almost all year round and extracting roots every three months makes the soil to lose its structure, so roots don't grow that well through the mesh.
    It is always good to learn from the experience!

    All the best!

    Thumb_measuring_photosynthesis Thumb_extracting_roots
  • West African ForestsSouthern Temperate ForestsLowland Amazon ForestGlobal investigationsEuropean Forests WythamEast African ForestsAsian ForestsAndes to Amazon transect

    Dear GEM team,

    Happy Easter!

    Here are this month's news.

    GEM-TRAITS campaign in Peru
    Norma Salinas, Lisa Bentley and Walter Huaraca Huasco are busily getting ready for the 2013 GEM-TRAITS field campaign. Apart from a few very late nights, everything is going smoothly.

    Welcome to GEM
    Prof. Greg Asner and Dr. Robin Martin are working with us on the Andes to Amazon transect. In 2011, Greg and Robin flew the Carnegie Airborne Observatory over the JAKARE plots, including Wayquecha, Esperanza, Trocha Union, San Pedro and Tambopata: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yubSH2D64BQ. They will be flying over the GEM-TRAITS plots this summer. We are coordinating our efforts to understand the mechanistic processes behind the carbon cycle along the Kosñipata elevation gradient. You can find more information about Greg and Robin's work on http://dge.stanford.edu/labs/asnerlab/

    Website developments
    - The new library is now available on GEM. Please visit http://gem.tropicalforests.ox.ac.uk/library. It still needs to be filled, though: you are strongly encouraged to upload any paper you find relevant to the Global Ecosystems Monitoring networks (carbon cycling & leaf traits) over the next few weeks.

    - Jo Potts (our web architect) is currently working on a discussion forum and the GEM database.

    Please let us know if there are any features you would find useful.

    All the best,
    the GEM development team.

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    GEM news flash
    Great news! The GEM library is up and running.
    You can access it by clicking on "Welcome" (top right).
    You can start uploading any papers you find relevant to the GEM project (click "Add files to library" and step by step instructions are provided).
    We will be uploading many papers over the next two weeks, so please keep an eye on our new library.

  • Stem respirationFine litter fallRhizotronsCoarse litter fallMondah Forest ReserveLopé National ParkIvindo National ParkWest African Forests

    Hi All,

    I've just returned from a month in Gabon and am very happy to report that all 6 plots (2 in each of the 3 sites) are now fully installed and March/April will be the first month where all measurements are taken simultaneously within all plots. All three sites now have a team of 2 people working on data collection and analysis. During Yadvinder’s week-long stay, we visited all sites and completed installation of all under- and above-canopy weather stations at the same time as successfully dodging charging elephants. I’ve uploaded some photos from this trip – enjoy!


    Thumb_p1010428 Thumb_p1010316animated Thumb_p1010294 Thumb_p1000211 Thumb_p1000181 Thumb_p1000160 Thumb_p1000155 Thumb_p1000140 Thumb_p1000137 Thumb_sam_1711 Thumb_sam_1673 Thumb_sam_1610 Thumb_sam_1543
  • Andes to Amazon transect

    Hi Yadvinder,
    Dan has the information of the nutrients of my samples. I don't want to upload it because I need to work a bit more on them.

  • Andes to Amazon transect

    Hi Dan, Norma has live leaf and dead leaf nutrient concentrations for the three most common species at 5 plots along the gradient. You can liaise with her by direct email.

  • Leaf physiologyFine litter fallUnderstanding the carbon cycle of Andean Forests

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know if there is any data from the Andean gradient on carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus content of dead leaves/leaf litter?

  • RAINFOR methodologiesStem respirationSoil respiration partitionningSoil respiration

    Hi Jhon,
    I put a schematic of the adapter ring in Appx. II of the RAINFOR-GEM manual (footnote, p.72). If you extract that image and blow it up, you get the attached. With that, you should be able to get an adapter ring made up in any workshop (best to take an SRC-1 with you to the workshop so that they can make it fit exactly).