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We have just published in Ecosystems a description of the carbon cycle of the core 1 ha intensive plot in Wytham Woods.This is work emerging from the DPhil thesis of Katie Fenn. The work shows that the plot takes up 22 tonnes of carbon every year through photosynthesis, but less than 10% of this ends up as wood growth. Much more productivity ends up in the leaf canopy and even in fine roots. This is one of the few full descriptions anywhere of carbon cycling in mixed-age temperate broadleaf woodland (most work is on either plantations or coniferous forests), and forms part of our Global Ecosystems Monitoring network GEM. We also show how well our bottom-up carbon cycle measures track the eddy covariance measurements of total canopy CO2 exchange, giving increased confidence in both.

Congratulations to Katie for persisting with this! It is a wonderful contribution to both our global studies, and to the multi-discplinary and multi-faceted studies at Wytham Woods.

I have blogged about the paper here

and the paper can be accessed here: