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A few snaps from our recent soil sampling campaigns in Ghana and Gabon late last year (2014). Nutrient samples were collected from cores and bulk density samples from soil pits at regular depth intervals down to 2 meters. All samples are now either in transit, or in the Leeds University soil labs for analysis, following the Rainfor standard protocols which will enable pan-tropical comparisons. Detailed soil profiles were also taken from each soil pit, of which we had 2 at each of our 3 field sites in Ghana and 3 field sites in Gabon. A huge thank you to both the Ghana and Gabon field teams for all the hard work!

Thumb_sam_3198 Thumb_sam_3215 Thumb_sam_3228 Thumb_sam_3249 Thumb_sam_3336 Thumb_sam_3375 Thumb_sam_3432 Thumb_sam_3433 Thumb_sam_3442 Thumb_sam_3001 Thumb_sam_3093 Thumb_sam_3097 Thumb_sam_3113 Thumb_sam_3124 Thumb_sam_3159 Thumb_sam_3160 Thumb_sam_3162