Kogyae Strict Wildlife ReserveWest African Forests

Hi from Ghana where I am continuing installation of the 3 forest-savanna transition plots (intensive carbon cycling) with the FORIG team. 3 plots have been established; 1 in the forest dominated part of the transition (remnant forest), 1 in the heart of the transition composing a mix of forest and savanna species and 1 in the savanna dominated area of transition.

George has completed the construction of the flux tower and is hoping to install the instruments later this month/early in the new year.

Here are some photos - the tower, the next three are the forest dominated zone, followed by three from the transition zone and finally three from the savanna dominated zone...

Thumb_img_5786 Thumb_img_5788 Thumb_img_5787 Thumb_img_5815 Thumb_img_5810 Thumb_img_5808 Thumb_img_5828 Thumb_img_5820 Thumb_img_5818 Thumb_img_5773