Hear the fan is a good option, we did not realize it, but we will take this into account.
No, I do not have access to another one. In fact we have another “old/recycled one” which was used in Allpahuayo plots and stopped working in 2013. It would be great to send it to you in Oxford. Maybe people of PP Systems can do something with it. Is that possible? We bought the EGM we are using in at the end of 2013 and it had been working very well before this problem. The soda lime is still green so it is ok. I think the problem is solved, hence thank you for your help.
We have the problem of NV in partitioning respiration experiment data of Allpahuayo. If we ran the analysis (data collected in 2011) without the NV data some values are negative and we are bricking against the wall with that. We did not know that it was needed to collect the NV, so we will collect it and look what happens next.
Thanks for the analysis.