Hi Sam,
Sorry for the slow feedback.
1. When I select the plot number, appears a message: “CHAMBER FLUSHING, HOLD IN AIR". At the same time, the chamber should sound for around 15 seconds but it had not been sounding. I just opened the SRC chamber and cleaned it inside and now it is sounding again. There was some dust in it. Something curious: this device is a “new one”. When I was working at Allpahuayo plots I had used a recycled one and never heard that sound, so I do not know if that is normal. The data looks a bit lower than usual but I am not sure if that is due to machine or it is a real measurement.
2. In the last manual, there is a proportion of ambient (NV) or pre-existing spatial variation. This is measured before collar installation, so what should I do if I do not have this data. Shall I do the procedure beside the already-installed tubes and consider them as initial measurements?
3. One last question is how to analyze the data of partitioning experiment using the protocol 2. The manual omits this chapter. I am going to set up these tubes and the protocol 2 looks interesting.