Toby MarthewsCarbon dynamics of representative ecosystems in nortwestern Peruvian AmazonSoil respiration

Master Toby,

The EGM-4 we are using for assessing soil respiration have showed an strange behaviour during this week. In normal conditions (we assume that) the SRC chamber sounds during the pre-measurement calibration but suddenly it stopped to do that. I am not sure if that is OK, apparently the measurements look good. What do you think about it?

Another question is regarding partitioning experiment. The manual indicates that it is necessary to measure the initial emission: putting 10cm-long-tubes on the places where it will be put the 9 tubes, moving the litter in each tube content as they correspond and then measuring the soil respiration in each one. The point what should I do if I do not have that initial measurement. Can I do the procedure beside the already-installed tubes and consider them as initial measurements?

Hope you can help me with this.