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Dear Gem teams, the Environmental Change Institute are experimenting with live broadcast (and downloadable videos) of some of the MSc lectures on the theme "Welcome to the Anthropocene". Lectures will start next week. We encourage you to listen in and ask questions by twitter, and particularly encourage participation from tropical countries.

The live streaming can be followed at:

The lectures will be about 90 minutes long followed by 30 minutes of questions. The two lectures that will be streamed are:

Anthropogenic influence upon the climate: past and future prospects, Professor Myles Allen, Tuesday 14 October 9am, This lecture will be live streamed and can be watched online.

The macroecology and environmental impacts of humanity, Professor Yadvinder Malhi, Thursday 16 October 2pm, This lecture will be live streamed and can be watched online .

To watch the lectures via streaming, please visit this webpage from one hour before transmission and links will be available.

Pose your questions and comments to our audience via #ecilive.