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Uploaded 6 Feb 2014 by Cécile Girardin. Copyright © 2023.

Congratulations to the GEM team (Chris, Yadvinder & Liana) who co-authored a paper in Nature this week (cover story):

"The paper answers a long-standing question about the net carbon balance of the Amazon forest. It uses aircraft flights throughout the year at four different locations to measure the change in carbon dioxide concentration if air as it passes over the Amazon Basin. The study shows that in wet years and wet seasons the Amazon is a net sink (i.e. absorbs carbon) from the atmosphere, but in dry years and dry seasons it is carbon neutral or a source of carbon. Our main contribution in Oxford was to provide insight from our RAINFOR-GEM intensive monitoring plots across Amazonia, which suggest that the loss of the carbon sink was caused by a reduction in photosynthesis." (Y. Malhi blog, Feb 2014)

Gatti L.V., M. Gloor, J. B. Miller, C. E. Doughty, Y. Malhi, L. G. Domingues, L. S. Basso, A. Martinewski, C. S. C. Correia, V. F. Borges, S. Freitas, R. Braz, L. O. Anderson, H. Rocha, J. Grace, O. L. Phillips & J. Lloyd Drought sensitivity of Amazonian carbon balance revealed by atmospheric measurements, Nature 506, 76–80. Supplementary Info

Download the paper from here:

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    This week a team from ETH Zurich (Chris Kettle, Chue Poh) and the company Research Drones are visiting our GEM research site at Wytham Woods, near Oxford. They are demonstrating new lightweight drone (or UAV) technology that enables collection of airborne imagery and movies. The whole set-up costs less than 3000 pounds, make it very affordable for remote GEM sites. The challenge is to see how usable the imagery is afterwards, and this is what I am keen to find out both in the field, and afterwards when we process the data.
    The technology is certainly impressive, though there is... More

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  • Wytham WoodsEuropean Forests Wytham

    Very nice video of the GEM work going on in Wytham:


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    Yadvinder Malhi

    I am Professor of Ecosystem Science at Oxford University.
    I lead the Ecosystems Programme at the Environmental Change Institute, with a focus of understanding the functioning of tropical forests and...

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    Martha Crockatt

    I am a Research Manager at Earthwatch (Oxford), leading the research on carbon cycling in fragmented temperate forests in Wytham Woods. Our data is collected with the assistance of Earthwatch...