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Plot from FIRE Andes project located at JAPU (Q'ros Andean community land) at 3120 m asl
Tropical montane forest burnt in 2003. Plot size 900 m2

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Uploaded 6 Feb 2014 by Cécile Girardin. Copyright © 2023.

Congratulations to the GEM team (Chris, Yadvinder & Liana) who co-authored a paper in Nature this week (cover story):

"The paper answers a long-standing question about the net carbon balance of the Amazon forest. It uses aircraft flights throughout the year at four different locations to measure the change in carbon dioxide concentration if air as it passes over the Amazon Basin. The study shows that in wet years and wet seasons the Amazon is a net sink (i.e. absorbs carbon) from the atmosphere, but in dry years and dry seasons it is carbon neutral or a source of carbon. Our main contribution in Oxford was to provide insight from our RAINFOR-GEM intensive monitoring plots across Amazonia, which suggest that the loss of the carbon sink was caused by a reduction in photosynthesis." (Y. Malhi blog, Feb 2014)

Gatti L.V., M. Gloor, J. B. Miller, C. E. Doughty, Y. Malhi, L. G. Domingues, L. S. Basso, A. Martinewski, C. S. C. Correia, V. F. Borges, S. Freitas, R. Braz, L. O. Anderson, H. Rocha, J. Grace, O. L. Phillips & J. Lloyd Drought sensitivity of Amazonian carbon balance revealed by atmospheric measurements, Nature 506, 76–80. Supplementary Info

Download the paper from here:

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Latest news

  • CHAMBASA: challenging attempt to measure biotic attributes along the slope of the AndesUnderstanding the carbon cycle of Andean ForestsKosnipata

    Message from William Farfan Rios (from Trocha Union):
    "I'm sending you some pictures of the new platform that we built in Trocha Union in the campsite close to the plot TRU-04. It was built with the effort and sweat of the UNSAAC students, some local people and the Chambasa. People who knows the place will appreciate this effort. Now this wonderful place will be even more beautiful to work, camp and enjoy the Nature.
    This infrastructure was possible thanks to Miles and Yadvinder's support."

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  • Kosnipata

    Dear Yadvinder

    Alex, Carlitos, Rudi, Flor, Jenifer and Jefferson finished installing a one-hectare plot in treeline between Acjanaco and Tres Cruces of the National Park of Manu.
    The elevation is 3500 m (0, 0) and its coordinate are 13º 08' 50.7"S, 71º 37' 57.6" W.

    Here are some photos of the one hectare plot.

    Thumb_img_7636 Thumb_img_7623 Thumb_img_7622 Thumb_img_7621 Thumb_img_7620 Thumb_img_7624
  • TambopataSan PedroWayqechaKosnipataAndes to Amazon transect

    Publishing your photos?
    Maja Sundqvist, a post doc at SLU in Umeå, Sweden is writing a review on Community And Ecosystem Responses To Elevational Gradients: Processes, Mechanisms, And Insights For Global Change to be submitted to Annual Reviews in Ecology, Evolution and Systematics early 2013.
    She would like to include photos from a low, mid and high elevational site from our Andean transect in one of her figures. Would anyone have nice photos to contribute to her paper? If so, please send to (please add the photos to GEM, too!).

    Thank you,


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    Norma Salinas

    I am a postdoctoral research assistant at the University of Oxford. I am working with plant traits along altitudinal gradients in tropical forests. My research involve many aspects of tropical...

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    Greg Goldsmith

    I am a tropical plant physiological ecologist with a particular interest in plant-water relations. My doctoral research, based at the University of California, Berkeley, focused on the impacts of drought...

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    Gregory Asner

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