Terhi Riutta

I am a post doc in the Ecosystem Dynamics Group within the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford. I am currently working in the SAFE project in Malaysian Borneo where we are studying the effect of land use change and fragmentation on forest dynamics and carbon cycling. I am also involved in the temperate forest carbon dynamics research in Wytham Woods.

My general research interests include trace gas fluxes, decomposition, vegetation dynamics and composition, and GIS analyses in forest and peatland ecosystems.

Before coming to Oxford I was based at the Department of Forest Ecology, University of Helsinki in Finland, where I did my PhD and MSc degrees investigating carbon dioxide and methane dynamics of peatland ecosystems in a changing climate.

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The first re-census of the trees is underway at SAFE, 3.5 plots done, 3.5 plots to go. Team effort: Tien on the ladder, Anthony holding the ladder and Jef helping with the tape.

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