Nathalie Butt

I am a post-doctoral climate and ecosystem scientist in the Ecosystem Dynamics Group within the Environmental Change Institute. I am currently working on the Earthwatch project ‘Quantifying the variation of woodland carbon dynamics and plant ecology in the Upper Thames Area’ which involves monitoring the carbon cycle in a range of temperate woodland sites, varying in patch size, distance to the forest edge, soil type and topography. The aim of the project is to assess how the woodlands are responding to climate change and what role they can play in mitigating and adapting to the change.

I am presently also project co-ordinator with the Smithsonian Institution Global Earth Observatory programme and recently set up a large long-term plot at Wytham Wood in Oxford. This work is part of the creation of the Global Forest Observation Network (GFON), which aims to co-ordinate long term monitoring of the ecology and dynamics of selected forests across the world, and includes sites across the tropics, and in North America and East Asia. Wytham is the first GFON site in Europe, and thus a flagship site for long-term ecological monitoring of forests.

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Wytham SIGEO plot spring leaves

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