Liana O. Anderson

Dr. Liana O. Anderson is a biologist (UNICAMP, Brazil), with MSc in Remote Sensing (National Institute for Space Research, INPE, Brazil) and DPhil in Geography and the Environment from Oxford University (2006 to 2010). In September 2011, she joined the Environmental Change Institute as a Pos-Doctoral Researche Associate. Her research focuses on the Earth Observations module of the Working Group 4 (WP4) in the AMAZONICA consortium.

Dr. Anderson has been a visiting researcher at INPE since December 2010, in Brazil, where she is based. She is also a Collaborator Professor of the MSc course in Ecology and Natural Resources Management at the Federal University of Acre (Brazil), and she is the Coordinator of the Forest Chapter, Working Group 3 (Mitigation) of the Brazilian Panel on Climate Change.

Recent Posts

  • Hello,
    I have tested the CI-110 Digital Plant Canopy Imager, and although the equipment is not very robust, you get measurements instantaneously (LAI, PAR, etc). It has the same issues I have observed when processing the hemi-photos (one gets mostly plant area index rather the LAI as the separation between branches and leaves are tricky. Pros is little time for processing data, Cons is that using a tablet in rainforests (hot and wet) may push the equipment a bit too much (our is being fixed now).
    Good luck Terhi!