Jhon del Aguila Pasquel

I am a Peruvian biologist, got my degree in National University of Peruvian Amazon. I worked in RAINFOR permanent plots placed in Iquitos, Peru. Nowadays, I work for Peruvian Amazon Research Institute (IIAP) and I am in charge of a project wich involves carbon cicling in tropical lowland forests.

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  • Sam MooreToby Marthews

    Hi guys,

    I am analizing partitioning respiration using the formula showed in the last version of GEM manual. I have negative values for some of the components, so I was wondering if there is another step in the calculation.

    Hope you can help me with this.



  • Sam Moore

    Hi Sam,

    I downloaded Hemisfer and I thik it worked very well. Only few questions about it:
    - I followed these steps: Load picture(s)/Analize picture(s) and then it was created a text file with the results. I did not find a manual, so I was wondering if I am right.
    - In the results, there are several options: Miller, LI-COR, Lang, Norman and Campbell, Thimonier et al. and also there are somw corrections. My question is which one should I choose?

    Thanks for your help,


  • Is there any source where I can find this project function? or do I have to use any default settings? I am using a Nikon Coolpix 4500 and a Nikon Fisheye FC-E8. The version of CAN_EYE is V6313

  • Hi again,

    I followed all the steps: Open CAN-EYE, Hemispherical Images/RGB Images/upward and I had to stop in the next step which asks to specify a project function. I have read something about it and is related to camera+lens caracteristics. There are also other required caracteristics that I do not know how to fill up: Image size, optical centre, Sub-sampling, angular resolution, fapar computation. So how should I set them up? How do I interpretate the results?.



  • Christopher DoughtySam MooreToby MarthewsLeaf Area Index

    Hi all,

    I am trying to analize my hemispherical pictures, I have the CAN eye software and followed the manual steps but I did not get good results. I think there is one step missing. Please anyone who could help me with that.


  • Toby MarthewsCécile Girardin

    Hi all,

    I have some problems for analyzing hemyspherical pictures. I was wondering if anyone can help me. Please

  • Hi, we used non Fix-all silicon used for glass in a couple of plots in Manaos, Brazil and some plots of Peru. This silicon worked very well filling the leaks between the collar and the tree stem. The only problem is that with the time the silicon loses his capability of attaching. We tried with several kinds of silicons (for wood, plastic, glass, and have the same results. I do not know if Fix-all one mantain the tube attached all the time (as it is showed by GEM manual) but what I suggest is using something for extra-attaching like square... More

  • Happy new year to you!

  • Hear the fan is a good option, we did not realize it, but we will take this into account.
    No, I do not have access to another one. In fact we have another “old/recycled one” which was used in Allpahuayo plots and stopped working in 2013. It would be great to send it to you in Oxford. Maybe people of PP Systems can do something with it. Is that possible? We bought the EGM we are using in at the end of 2013 and it had been working very well before this problem. The soda lime is still green so... More

  • Hi Sam,
    Sorry for the slow feedback.
    1. When I select the plot number, appears a message: “CHAMBER FLUSHING, HOLD IN AIR". At the same time, the chamber should sound for around 15 seconds but it had not been sounding. I just opened the SRC chamber and cleaned it inside and now it is sounding again. There was some dust in it. Something curious: this device is a “new one”. When I was working at Allpahuayo plots I had used a recycled one and never heard that sound, so I do not know if that is normal. The data looks... More

Photos and images

Uploaded 26 Mar 2014 by Jhon del Aguila Pasquel. Copyright © 2023.

Hello again,

As part of my job at Peruvian Amazon Research Institute (IIAP), the last December it was organized a training workshop in GEM methods for cuantifying carbon stocks and fluxes in tropical forests. Several students and professionals with climate change interest learnt our protocols.

Pictures show part of the data collection and analysis.


  • Thumb_p1020962
  • Thumb_p1020952
  • Thumb_p1020938
  • Thumb_p1020937
  • Thumb_p1020932
  • Thumb_p1020919
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  • Thumb_p1020904
  • Thumb_p1020901
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  • Thumb_img_0956
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  • Thumb_img_0920
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  • Thumb_dsc01608
  • Thumb_dsc01640
  • Thumb_dsc01631
  • Thumb_dsc01559
  • Thumb_dsc01538
  • Thumb_dsc01536
  • Thumb_img_0798
  • Thumb_img_0810
  • Thumb_dsc01679
  • Thumb_dsc01524
  • Thumb_dsc01481
  • Thumb_dsc01480
  • Thumb_dsc01474_-_copia
  • Thumb_dsc01473_-_copia
  • Thumb_dsc01470_-_copia
  • Thumb_dsc01464_-_copia
  • Thumb_dsc01458_-_copia
  • Thumb_dsc01451_-_copia
  • Thumb_dsc01449_-_copia
  • Thumb_dsc01446_-_copia
  • Thumb_dsc01443_-_copia
  • Thumb_dsc01442_-_copia
  • Thumb_dsc01439_-_copia
  • Thumb_dsc01422
  • Thumb_dsc01396
  • Thumb_dsc01392
  • Thumb_dsc01372
  • Thumb_dsc01230
  • Thumb_dsc00723
  • Thumb_dsc00721
  • Thumb_dsc00599
  • Thumb_dsc00598
  • Thumb_dsc00591
  • Thumb_dsc00460
  • Thumb_dsc00459
  • Thumb_dsc00168
  • Thumb_dsc00165
  • Thumb_dsc00163
  • Thumb_dsc00159
  • Thumb_dsc00156
  • Thumb_dsc00152
  • Thumb_dsc00151
  • Thumb_dsc00150
  • Thumb_dsc00149
  • Thumb_dsc00148
  • Thumb_dsc00147
  • Thumb_dsc00146
  • Thumb_dsc00145
  • Thumb_dsc00139
  • Thumb_dsc00135
  • Thumb_dsc00128
  • Thumb_dsc00120
  • Thumb_dsc00117
  • Thumb_dsc00074
  • Thumb_dsc00064
  • Thumb_dsc00051
  • Thumb_dsc00046
  • Thumb_dsc00043
  • Thumb_dsc00034
  • Thumb_dsc00029
  • Thumb_dsc00004
  • Thumb_p1010934
  • Thumb_p1010930
  • Thumb_p1010929
  • Thumb_p1010792
  • Thumb_p1010789
  • Thumb_p1010770
  • Thumb_p1010769
  • Thumb_p1010767
  • Thumb_p1010765
  • Thumb_p1010764
  • Thumb_dibujo
  • Thumb_dsc_0023
  • Thumb_dsc_0020
  • Thumb_dsc_0015
  • Thumb_dsc_0007
  • Thumb_p1010715
  • Thumb_p1010707
  • Thumb_p1010698
  • Thumb_p1010697
  • Thumb_p1010695
  • Thumb_p1010694
  • Thumb_p1010693
  • Thumb_p1010681
  • Thumb_p1010675
  • Thumb_p1010672
  • Thumb_p1010665
  • Thumb_p1010652
  • Thumb_p1010650
  • Thumb_p1010645
  • Thumb_p1010643
  • Thumb_p1010642
  • Thumb_p1010641
  • Thumb_p1010640
  • Thumb_p1010602
  • Thumb_p1010600
  • Thumb_p1010599
  • Thumb_p1010598
  • Thumb_p1010596
  • Thumb_dsc_1294
  • Thumb_dsc_1277
  • Thumb_dsc_0053
  • Thumb_p1010718
  • Thumb_p1010716
  • Thumb_p1010701
  • Thumb_p1010686
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    Dear all,

    I have found some slides from 2009 showing plots with number of dry months and soils types in...