Darcy Fernando Galiano Cabrera

I'm B.Sc. in Biology at Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco. Currently I'm working in Tambopata in the Carbon Cycle intensive measurements.

I have special interest in stem growth measured by dendrometer plastic bands.
My thesis degree will be in Germination of Weinmannia along an altitudinal gradient on the Andes transect established by the ABERG group.

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Dear Yadvinder
Here some pictures from Tambopata field work at january, the work that was done was install new Ingrowth cores, measure soil respiration, stem respiration, drawing Rhizotrons, measure dendrometers and census plots.
The team consisted of Vilma, Sheyla, Marco, also we have the help of the resident naturalists of Explorer's Inn: Hannah, Jo, Becca and Tristan.

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