Christopher Doughty

I am a Research Lecturer within the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford. I majored in Environmental Science at University of California , Berkeley and subsequently completed a PhD in Earth System Science at University of California, Irvine. Before joining the ECI in July 2010, I spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Global Ecology at the Carnegie Institution, Stanford.

My main interest is understanding tropical forest carbon fluxes, through remote sensing, eddy covariance, leaf gas exchange and intensive carbon cycle plots. I have several side interests including understanding when people first began to affect climate, the origin of agriculture, astrobiology, metabolic theory of ecology, and cooling regional climate using brighter crops.

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  • Ingrowth cores

    Hi Terhi,
    This is a good point. We have seen decreases in fine root NPP over time at some of the longer running sites such as Tambopata (~5 years). However, it is difficult to say whether that is due to decreased nutrient supply or some other long term trend. I will try and look at some of the long term data and see if we can determine a time frame.

  • Understanding the carbon cycle of Andean Forests