Percival Cho

Through my PhD research at Lancaster University, I study the role of natural and anthropogenic disturbances such as hurricanes and logging on forest structure and composition and the maintenance of forest diversity in Belize's diverse and unique tropical forests. My research is based on thirty-two 1 hectare permanent sample plots in Belize which span a monitoring period from 1992 to present. These plots are part of the Forest Monitoring Network of Belize (FORMNET-B), and are databased in a relational database system with the same name registered with the Global Index of Vegetation Databases (GIVD # NA-BZ-001). I am a tropical forestry specialist by training having done a forestry undergraduate degree and specializing in tropical forestry at the MSc level. My other research interests include the use of remote sensing to study land-use change, estimating growth and yield for sustainable logging, development of research capacity in indigenous forest stewards, and assessing carbon stocks in tropical landscapes.