Dendrometer bands

We determine plot level wood productivity using multiple censuses of the forest plots and monthly dendrometer band measurements.To determine seasonal variation in NPPStem, we install dendrometer bands on a subsample of randomly selected trees (e.g. 200 per plot). The species identity and initial DBH of all trees (with and without dendrometers) are recorded at each plot during the census. Dendrometer diameter increment is recorded every month or every few months to capture seasonal variability. Data is converted to standing biomass using the adequate allometric equation. For example, the following allometric equation is derived from compiling data from destructive harvesting of 2410 trees ≥5cm from 27 study sites across the tropics (Chave et al., 2005):

AGB=0.0776*(ρ * (DBH2) * H)0.94 (1)

Where AGB is above-ground biomass (kg m-2), ρ is density of the wood, DBH is diameter at breast height (cm), and H is tree height (m). To convert biomass values into carbon, we may assume a wood carbon content of 50% (Roy et al., 2001, Malhi et al., 2004, Chave et al., 2005).

To calculate seasonal NPP, we need to scale measurements on the subsample of trees with dendrometer bands per plot to the entire plot (Girardin et al., 2010).

New recruits are included in the census measurements, and mortality rates are captured by teh dendrometer band measurements. Tree fern and palm growth is not well correlated with stem DBH expansion so could not be estimated with the allometric equation chosen. Instead, we include these plants as recruits in our NPP and stem biomass estimates, following Malhi et al. (2004).

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A few photos of ECOFOR's field sites and team. The project is now up and running. More from us to come soon.


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    Vilma Champi Ayma

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    Jos Barlow

    I'm interested in understanding how human activities influence the value of tropical forests for species conservation, ecosystem functioning and the livelihoods of local people.

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    Georgia Pickavance

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    He is a highly motivated tropical forest ecologist...

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    Erika Berenguer

    I am interested in the resilience of tropical forests in human-modified landscapes. Specifically, I investigate how human disturbances, such as selective logging and wildfires, impact carbon stocks in the Amazon.

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    Esteban Alvarez

    I´m a PhD student in the Department of Ecology at the Alcalá of Henares University, Spain. Currently working with forest diversity, biomass, and dynamics in complex environmental gradients in Colombia.

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